[flash fiction prompt: “A pair of be-tentacled beings uses a mind-controlling parasite to make a secret mind control fetishist uncontrollably horny and their new cow(s)."]

Alice drove aimlessly through the empty nighttime desert, feeling the pain in her chest dull to a low ache as she put some distance between herself and the city. This was stupid, she needed to go home and sleep, she’d have to face it all in the morning anyway, but she couldn’t stand being in that house any longer.

As she drove, she saw a green glow in the distance, faint but clearly visible against the dark landscape. Curious, she turned and headed towards it. It seemed almost like it was beckoning, somehow … no, that made no sense. She reached the source of the light, and stopped the car in front of a cave opening that led down underground. A swarm of little green dots of light rose like fireflies from the cave mouth, slowly fading as they floated up into the air. Alice stepped out of the car and walked up to the entrance. She took a step inside, then another, brushing aside thoughts of danger. It really didn’t matter what was waiting for her down there, it couldn’t possibly be worse than what was waiting for her at home.

More of the green lights flew past her as she wandered deeper into the cave. It was like she was walking among the stars. So peaceful, so distant… She didn’t know how long she’d been walking for, but finally the tunnel opened up into a large underground cavern. In the center was a pool of water, and the green lights rose up from underneath the surface, filling the cavern with their glow. Alice walked up to the pool, looking into the water to try to see the source of the lights. It was too bright to make out much, but … wait, was something moving, slithering up from —


sssso glad you ssssaw our messsssage

“Who’s there?!” Alice cried out. The two voices had a strange inhuman quality to them that set her teeth on edge. She tried to turn back toward the cave opening, but lost her balance as tentacles emerged from the pool and wrapped around her ankles. Another pair came down from above and caught her arms before she could fall over.

sssstay a while, you won’t regret it

We Can Give You What You Desire

“What are you talking about? Let me go!” Alice struggled, but the tentacles had her firmly in their grip, lifting her off the cavern floor and up into the air. Now she could clearly see the tentacled creature rising to the surface of the pool, and realized that what she had taken for a stalactite above the pool was actually a second creature clinging to the cavern roof.

You Desire Escape

your friendsssss, your family, your job

They Only Bring You Pain

you long to leave

Throw It All Away And Never Come Back

and you desssire control

You Always Have, Deep Down

want to have the hard choicesss made for you

Want To Be Told What To Do

to be cared for

To Stop Thinking

to give yoursssself over

You Fantasize

when no one isss watching

“I, no, I… how do you know all that…?” Alice trembled as more tentacles started to caress over her body from above and below. She wanted to tell herself it was entirely fear, but that innermost part of her, the part that these voices seemed able to penetrate into so easily, felt a thrill and a longing that she’d never been able to articulate.

human mindsss are ssso ssssimple

So Easy To Read

we can do ssso much more, if you let ussss

Give You The Control You Seek

make you ourssss

Mindless Happy Cattle

sssstay here forever

Never Need To Leave

One of the tentacles from above opened up a bud in front of Alice’s face, revealing a tiny wriggling creature.

The Passenger Can Make You Ours

but it can only take root in a willing hosssst

Will You Accept The Passenger?

“This is crazy, let me go, please…” Alice whimpered. She needed to escape somehow, needed to get back to … what?

There Is Nothing Left For You Up There

you long for ussss, if you can only admit it to yoursssself

We Offer What You Have Always Dreamed Of

will you acsssept the passssenger?

Alice shivered. She felt sick, sick with fear, but also with anticipation? She could just say yes, walk away from all her problems, become whatever these things wanted her to be. She could give into their control, become mindless and obedient. She could be happy.

The silence stretched.

Alice nodded, only faintly, but it was enough.

The tentacle moved around to the side of her head, and she felt a sickening squirming sensation in her ear for a brief moment, and then






The tentacles from below tore off Alice’s clothes, and a large tentacle bulging with egg sacs began to work its way into her suddenly dripping wet pussy.

good girl

You Will Be Excellent Breeding Stock

the ssswarm will find you mossst ussseful

And We Have Been In Need Of A New Lactator

now let usss take you to the chamber with the otherssss

Alice could only drool and moan in mindless pleasure as the tentacles carried her away into the dark.