Clara lay back in bed, closed her eyes, and made a well-practiced mental motion to summon up a list of her script’s latest finds. She’d been getting far fewer hits these past couple days; maybe someone at Urasawa Digital Devices had finally gotten a clue and started pushing out firmware updates. Still, there were plenty of unpatched devices out there: home security systems, telepresence screens, smart refrigerators, all using the same laughably broken authentication system. Bracing herself for the incoming flood, Clara opened the backdoors her script had created, and saw.

Clara loved watching people. She loved watching what they did when they thought nobody was watching. Watching people’s secret inner lives, at once bizarre and banal. Nobody was as normal as they pretended to be in public, and yet nobody was ever alone in their weirdness; anything Clara had seen once, she’d seen dozens, sometimes hundreds, of times. It was comforting in a way. She’d even seen people just like her, peeking through open windows, aiming cameras across apartment blocks, driven by that same insatiable curiosity.

In a world full of badly-designed “smart” devices, it was easy for a girl with Clara’s skills to get her voyeuristic fix. She’d written a script to automatically trawl the internet for insecure devices with cameras, searching 24/7 and sending the results back to Clara. After a month, she’d gotten tired of watching one camera feed at a time, and started piping multiple feeds at once into her visual cortex — two, then three, then four, and eventually dozens. Even with all other sensory stimuli cut off, it was far too much for her to consciously process in its entirety, but it was an amazing rush just losing herself in the flood of images, picking out bits and pieces, seeing the entire world all at once in the darkness behind her eyes.

A persistent, rhythmic motion in one of the feeds caught Clara’s focus: the whole field of view was bobbing up and down. Puzzled, she cut off the other feeds to get a proper look, and — oh.

Clara found herself looking … down … at a tall, dark-haired girl, naked, wide-eyed, and visibly panting. The camera bounced up and down somewhere above the girl’s torso, and a pair of arms extended down and away from the camera, hands planted on the mattress on either side of the girl.

Not taking her mind’s eye off the feed, Clara carefully examined the device she was spying through. It had dual cameras, dual microphones, and a dizzying array of touch sensors and servos for arms, legs, hands, feet, face, and … fully articulated cat ears? One of those, huh…

The specs were about on par with a low-end prosthetic body, and the interface was largely the same. Clara grabbed the audio feed as well, and heard the girl moaning, unable to verbalize, just little sweet noises. God, she’s so ~cute~.

Clara was dimly aware of her hands, her real hands, on her own body back in her room, reaching down to touch herself. But why settle for that when the real thing was right at her fingertips? She pulled in more and more of the sexbot’s sensors, mapping its entire touch and proprioceptive grids onto her own nervous system, and

she was there, right there in the unfamiliar bedroom, she felt the girl’s body under her, felt a hard cock inside her, felt “her” body moving up and down under the control of the primitive AI core. Letting the body lying in her own bed fade out of her perception, Clara focused on the rush of sensation delivered through the borrowed shell, letting heat and fuzziness and pleasure overtake her mind.

The dark-haired girl panted and moaned underneath “Clara”, stroking “her” and playing with “her” breasts. The sexbot gasped and moaned as well, putting on a meaningless show for its owner’s benefit. It seemed to detect that the girl was close to climax, and sped up its pace. Finally, Clara felt the sexbot cry out ecstatically as the girl came inside it. The sexbot’s fake orgasm didn’t sound especially convincing to Clara, but then, she was acutely aware of this body’s need for further stimulation. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen; after a few moments, the girl pushed the sexbot off her, and pulled it down into a tight hug. As the girl went off to the bathroom and the sexbot ran a self-cleaning routine, Clara put her focus back into her own body and began feverishly stroking her clit.

When Clara returned to her senses — or rather, to the sexbot’s senses — the dark-haired girl was turning out the lights in her room and climbing into bed. Clara felt the sexbot’s arms wrap around the girl as it snuggled close, gently spooning her. It felt … nice. With the girl’s warm body pressed against “hers”, Clara drifted off to sleep.

The next evening, Clara was finishing up her latest commission — a rush job analyzing a very sophisticated piece of malware, she’d gotten into a long debate with a colleague over whether it was from Mossad or the People’s Liberation Army — when a notification popped up in a corner of her vision. The malware could wait; Clara shifted her senses away from her code disassembly toolkit and saw the same cramped bedroom from last night.

“I’m home, Kimiko,” said the dark-haired girl, shrugging off a blazer with a department store logo and flopping onto her mattress.

“Welcome home, Elise-sama,” Clara felt and heard the sexbot say. It wrapped its arms around Elise and gave her an awkward kiss. “How may I serve you tonight?”

“Suck my cock.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Could you please say that again?”

sigh Kimiko, Suck My Cock.” Clara inwardly sighed along with Elise; this really was a low-end model.

“Yes, Elise-sama.” Clara felt herself crawl around on the bed, fumblingly removing Elise’s clothes, slowly licking along Elise’s cock (log message: “Lubricant level 15%. Cartridge needs replace soon."), finally plunging her mouth down onto the full length of it. She felt an utterly bizarre sensation that took her a while to process; eventually she realized that the sexbot’s teeth were made of a soft, squishy silicone rather than hard plastic. It … made sense, but that didn’t make it any less weird to feel for herself in the mouth she was borrowing.

Warm hands were stroking Clara’s hair, pushing her head down, scritching behind her sensitive ears. She moaned as her body deep-throated Elise, and she only felt a slight dissonance from her lack of a gag reflex.

“fuckfuck yes just like that”

long strokes in out in out

“god fuck faster Kimiko faster”

machine body speeding up moving rhythmically like an engine


hand reaching up grasping warm soft breast


Warm cum filled Clara’s mouth. Elise held her down on her cock for several long seconds, then finally pushed her off. Clara — the sexbot — whatever — sat up and made a show of swallowing Elise’s cum, then leaned in for another kiss. It was just as unarticulated as the first one, but it still filled Clara with a warm fuzzy feeling that lingered for a long while.

seeing yourself through a thousand eyes at once handled fucked used passed around a passenger in your own body moving as it’s ordered losing control finding freedom in the absence of choice existing only as an observer secret nameless behind an assembly-line face knowing only the pleasure others take in you—

Clara woke up, her panties soaking wet as usual. She’d been having the same dream every night these past two weeks. The last thing she saw was always Elise’s face staring down at her, an afterglow of pleasure tinged by a loneliness that never quite went away…

Clara went through her day’s work in a haze, passing the time until Elise came home. A doll playing at being human. Finally, the familiar chime sounded in her ears and her senses automatically cut over to the body waiting in Elise’s room.

Elise slammed the door to her apartment, finally letting out the tears she’d been holding in for the whole train ride home. “Pompous asshole… sniff Not my fault we’re sold out… sniff Speak to my fucking manager, sure, get old baldie on my case, not like I put up with enough already…”

As she lay facedown on her bed, she felt a hand touch her shoulder softly. She turned around and saw Kimiko with an unusual expression. Normally the doll was crap at reading or displaying emotion, but right now she had a look of heartfelt concern.

“Wha—?” Before Elise could say anything, Kimiko gently wrapped her in a hug. Elise hesitated, but finally hugged Kimiko back, feeling an earnest caring warmth in her embrace. Kimiko reached up a hand, gently stroking Elise’s hair with a comforting rhythm. Elise broke down, sobbing into Kimiko’s chest, letting the doll hold her close, feeling safe, loved, protected.

After a while, Elise slipped out of Kimiko’s arms, wiping her eyes dry. She sat on the bed, staring at Kimiko, with a strange feeling that Kimiko was staring back at her as well.

“How else may I serve you tonight, Elise-sama?” There was something odd about Kimiko’s intonation, it sounded a bit richer than usual, less mechanical.

“Um…” Elise paused. On a sudden impulse, she said “Surprise me.”

“Yes, Elise-sama.” Kimiko crawled forward, deftly taking off Elise’s clothes, and sat down on Elise’s lap, looking her in the eyes and wrapping her arms around her. Kimiko leaned in and kissed her… hungrily?

Kimiko slipped Elise’s cock into her warm wet cunt and began riding her, up and down, as she kissed her and played with her breasts. She kept pace with Elise’s reactions, finding the exact ways to touch her that made her gasp and moan and beg for more. Mechanical hands tracing along her cheek, her shoulder, her back, kisses planted all over her lips and face and neck, warm softness enveloping every part of her.

After an eternity, Elise came like she never had before, crying out into Kimiko’s kiss. The two of them held each other for a long, loving moment before Kimiko finally pulled away. Elise fell backwards onto the pillows, panting and flushed.

“I’ve gotta say, this new firmware update is amazing! Is there someplace I can give the devs feedback?”

Kimiko gave a strange smile, and pulled Elise back into an embrace, whispering a street address and apartment number in her ear. As Elise turned, startled, to look at Kimiko, she had a sense of a light fading from the doll’s eyes.

“Welcome home, Elise-sama. How may I serve you tonight?”

Elise looked down at the address scrawled in her notebook, looked up at the number on the door in front of her, and rang the doorbell. The door slid open immediately. A red-haired girl with pale skin was kneeling, naked, in the entryway. The girl was unnaturally still, and had a piece of paper held out in both hands.

Elise reached down and took the paper, reading the neatly-written note:


I’m sorry for borrowing your sexbot without asking. By way of an apology, I’ve grabbed a copy of Kimiko’s firmware and given it control of my body for the next hour. You’re welcome to use me as you please, or you can go home and I’ll leave you and Kimiko alone from now on.

Yours, Clara

Elise stood in silent thought for a moment. Then, a grin spreading across her face, she stepped into the apartment and let the door close behind her. “I’m home, Kimiko.”

Clara’s eyes snapped open. “Welcome home, Elise-sama. How may I serve you tonight?”